we fly by night

made it home from our tiny trip to ny.



Welcome little Francis Valentine

He’s here. Arrived in a blizzard. Mother Martha and father Brad doing well. A little brother for Arcangelo. Deo gratias.

Big change coming to St So

Marche Real Chartier, a fixture on rue Principale at Lanning since 1952, is closing/moving to a 41,000 sq ft location in the no man’s land of St So adjacent autoroute 15. In Sept of 2012, Sobey’s, a humungous food distributor who owns IGA and supplies the Chartier’s Tradition store, told the family that IGA was ‘coming to St Sauveur’ and I guess they made the Chartiers an offer they couldn’t refuse..(sell us your good name or we’ll put horsemeat in your ground beef??) A couple of Real and Huguette’s children will be part of the new operation but let’s just say that not everybody in the family is happy about this, in fact some of them are downright angry. A new Rachelle-Bery that specializes in expensive health foods and is also owned by Sobey’s will open in the old Chartier store. From now on I’ll be going to the tiny Axep store in Prevost (old Shawbridge.) Sobey it.

Arc, rockstar.

AyOYe! already..


Dec 21 St So

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heart like a wheel, indeed.

arc's nuts about driving
This is such a great pic of Arcangelo behind the wheel of the Martha Wainwright tour bus somewhere in the UK, left-hand drive however. Made me think of the time when Sylvan who was just a little older than Arc got a tour of Phil Everly’s bus but I don’t think he got to sit behind the wheel. I reminded Brad that Arc’s great-great-grandfather Arthur Latremouille drove a horse-drawn tram for the Montreal Street Railway around the turn of the last century.

Place Kate McGarrigle progress report and Arcangelo goes to Oslo

Place Kate McGarrigle, Outremont QC, Nov 2012

The preliminary work has been done on ‘place Kate.’ It’s decorated for Christmas so the spruce you see are temporary. Admittedly it looks a little bare right now, but in Spring the City of Outremont will make some minor changes to the layout, plant more permanent trees and assorted colourful perennials and add at least one sculptural element the nature of which I will not divulge at this time. Meanwhile Martha and band are commencing a tour tonight in Oslo, Norway. Brad sent along this pic of Arc in one of that city’s public spaces, probably outside the Natural History Museum. We could use something like this big cat monument here in Montreal. It’s way better than a bronze of some self-serving politician.

Arc and the Tyger, Oslo Nov 2012


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