snowgirl_syl 2
pic by randy saharuni

It’s May 8 and that means “la petite Poune” fabulous miniature Gardencourtisane is celebrating her birthday today. Pounie aka Martha Gabrielle was just 3 as she stood here, all apple-cheeky and smart in her dufflecoat, on the N. shore of Mississquoi Bay in Venise-en-Québec, QC. Palais du Hot-Doge vapeur in background? Kate and I were scouting locations for the cover of our French Record and Pat D. drove the old Ford wagon out onto the ice transporting the 2 of us, Rufus, Pounie, Sylvan, so Randy S. could get a few shots of us among the ice-fishing shacks that dotted the bay. The ice was thick and it was all perfectly safe (we’re here) though we did not convince Gaby (not here) who was along on this excursion à Venise. She stayed on the shore with tiny 1 yr old Lily.

Many happy returns of the day dear Martha. It was wonderful to sing with you and the gang this past Sunday May 3 to celebrate fellow Taurus Pete Seeger’s 90th at MSGarden. You’re in good company.

Les gentils courtiers et courtisanes de Gardencourt.

6 Comments on “hAPpY BiRThDAY PoUniE!”

  1. Dear Sweet Martha.

    64 years ago was V.E. Day, which signalled the end of WWII in Europe.
    As important as that day was ‘in the course of human endeavour”,
    it quite simply pales in comparison with May 8, 1976. We, all of us, love you so very much.
    I remember when ya turned 16.
    It seems in my febrile memory like it was only yesterday.
    Many many scores of happy returns.
    We’ll always have Sumeria!
    Love, and then some
    yr foolish friend into eternity

  2. happy new year. may your best dreams come and stay true. X2O

  3. gulliver says:

    gullible gulliver gives gardencourt greetings to the “poun”….
    indeed i remember when it all started, a beautiful may morning somewhere in the county of westchester…i remember reading that girls on average were 3 ounces lighter than boys at birth and pretty pounie came in at 8lb 10 oz, 3 ozs lighter than her brother rufu….so far right on the mark, i thought to myself.
    may your day in may be not grey, but sunny…full of folks who are fascinating and funny.

  4. next in line says:

    Surprisingly little has changed in this kooky cookie’s run from 33 months to 33 years.

    Happy, happy birthday, Pounie.

  5. Oh, I love the little red shoes with ‘left’ & ‘right’ :)
    Thanks for the music Martha – have a nice day and a fun life ahead!

  6. Shiv-of-the-desert says:

    Much love… miss you tons!

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