Nature in all her glory is gory.

For the last 2 months the property here has been strewn with the bodyparts and feathers of  ‘nice birds,’ the pretty colourful ones that sing the nice songs. This is the work of merlins. It’s what they do, though I wish they would just plant a garden.. And it’s been a great year for all the birds and plants and frogs and even groundhogs. I was remarking on what a show-off Mother Nature is. Dane thinks this showing-off might have something to do with the fact that the Earth is in trouble. He cites the fact that species flourish under stress, like when an apple-tree is beaten it puts forth more flowers and produces more apples to ensure propagation in case it dies. Is a black-eyed susan just another girl with a shiner? What about all those teenage pregnancies ? Reminds me of a line from “The Old Rooster”  by Wade Hemsworth..’your chickens will hatch, whether kissed, whether bitten.’

Just found the red-fluorescent head and beak of a cardinal. Could Mother Nature be a sadist? and a masochist too?

One Comment on “Nature in all her glory is gory.”

  1. Please send me the head of the Cardinal as well as that of Garcia Lorca. Gotta run as Steve “Bizarre” Harper is dropping by in advance of G or V8. Where do get Pepsi Blue™ in Roma ? Think Brio’ll do. Brylcreem’ll do you I know ( a little dab or daub as Michelangelo was wont to opine). Don’t worry this is not part of any new Catechism. I am Curia (Red)

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