a murder of merlins?

not sure murder is the right term for a collective of merlins but murder is what they do best. this family of small falcons that’s taken up residence at gardencourt is coming along nicely. the babies make sorties all day long leaving one high spruce refueling on a house gable or bert’s tent before touching down on another high spruce across the property… last night we watched a show on the ‘ferry command’ during WWII hence the aviation lingo.

at the beginning of summer, if you can call it that, we were bemoaning the loss of our beautiful cardinals bluejays and nuthatches to these predators. there are so many bird parts strewn about the property that a bluejay feather ended up in the beef stew i was making this weekend. it looks now like the merlins have taken out all the other birds, so we’re left with these guys and they with us. lily wishes their song were more melodic, it would make up for their destructive nature. like the weather channel, all bad news but tune is comforting.

kate snapped the family last evening. we were watching them and they were watching us. not much to do up here in the rain. lily tells me they’ve been here for over 4 million years. we came up here in ’46 after frank had finished with the ‘ferry command.’ lily also says it’s ‘an illusion of merlins.’ could gardencourt actually be king arthur’s court? frank’s second name was arthur…a delusion of mcgarrigles

merlinsmerlins on bathroom roof by kate

8 Comments on “a murder of merlins?”

  1. Campbie says:

    Like 4 birds on a roof
    Like steers on the hoof
    We have tried in a way to beat bees
    Like Rose on the lane
    And Christian the Dane
    We have trouped but not swooped
    And stopped rain*

    * apologies to l.c.- jotted in haste. I saw the merlins last week. i thought it mat have been the labneh but them raptors is real and rapt. Ivan Tors ?

  2. gulliver says:

    is an illusion of merlins like a gaggle of geese? how many merlins does it take to make up an illusion? we used to sit in tanning chairs to get the sun full bodied but now they serve as viewing seats, tilted like the astronauts, eyes on the noisy merlins – watch them fly from tree-top to tree-top, to house, over to bert’s tent for a little action in the south and back up north-east to family perch – round and round….but you gotta be careful in these astronaut-like viewing seats – careful of the mothershit!

  3. wavy manor says:

    if there’s no natural predator about, we could arm vinnie with a .22 or get kathleen to go at them with her bow and arrow. bar-b-cued merlin, anybody?

  4. Wroenophile- says:

    Have some merlot & meringue w/ the merlins.

  5. lily says:

    no one is going to kill the merlins. predators need a home too! and anyways, they are only an illusion.

  6. ladyburied johnson says:

    better than tv. a sitcalm with merlin brando and merlin monroe.

  7. We note with glee that our feathered swooping lanning raptors get more response than bidets.
    Carrion Flying

  8. Wow ! Cool. Four Merlins. An illusion may not be a sh@tload but its plenty and three more illusionists than Arthur had and worth eight in the bush

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