just thought i’d drop a few lines to say that the taurus is still alive. i moved it to the other side of the street this afternoon and it drove smoothly after only 5 mins of warming up. i didn’t need to go very far as a parking spot made it self available right across the street from where she was. there’s still a quarter tank of gas in it, it gurgled as it was warming up and the back left door still doesn’t open from the outside. so, whoever reads this, it’s good on the east side of the street till wed morning at 8.

6 Comments on “Ol’ DPP”

  1. Gotcha good buddette . Me & My Ol Pal’ Cathy Terr. will move the automotive object of my desire.

  2. DPP oh DPP
    They Call you Taurus
    That’s Bull to me
    The seasons they do surely roll
    And Winged time gives no quarter
    I sooner drive you than take a stroll
    You’re like my son or Dotter
    DPP Curbed on Querb
    Like a hippie high on herb
    DPP until we meet
    To take La Grande tour
    Cross the street!

  3. WE are shocked and saddened at the apparent apathy in regards to DPP. BTW 1/4 tank in DPP is actually 1/2 a tank.

  4. lily says:

    i love your poem!

  5. anna says:

    there’s an item on huffpo about conan and his old taurus. he took his 60 minutes interviewer for a ride in it.

  6. CLR 451 says:

    Remember me matey. O naan I think Co-naan should take Lenono! for a ride

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